Daniel Friedman
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3 Oct 2018
4:00 pm

Mbalula accuses DA of ‘working with druglords’ in Westbury

Daniel Friedman

The former police minister has made damning claims about the DA's alleged involvement in crimes plaguing the Joburg neighbourhood.

Fikile Mbalula. Picture: Twitter

ANC elections head and former minister of police Fikile Mbabula has accused the DA of “working with druglords in Westbury.”

The outspoken politician, when asked to elaborate on his claims, said the “people of the DA are very desperate” and alleged that “druglords have turned politicians to cover their deeds”.

Mbalula added that Westbury residents were held ransom by criminals who espoused racial politics, although whether that’s exactly what he was saying is unclear due to the former minister’s creative use of spelling and grammar.



The Citizen reported on Wednesday morning that members of the community in Westbury allege that Cape Town druglords are behind turf wars and killings in the area.

The DA’s Solly Msimanga met with community leaders in Westbury on Monday to hear their concerns around crime. Whether Msimanga’s meeting is connected to Mbalula’s allegations is unclear.

This follows protests that resulted in road closures and the destruction of a Rea Vaya bus station, among other things.

On Tuesday, the city of Johannesburg said that the Rea Vaya station, which was torched overnight by angry protesters, will cost R18 million to repair.

The unrest began last Friday after a Westbury resident was shot dead and her niece was wounded in an alleged gang-related shooting.

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Residents took to the streets in protest of the rising levels of crime in the area and they have since called on the provincial government to investigate the alleged complicity of police with those responsible for the ongoing violence.

The DA in a statement: “Today’s action by the community shows that they are fed up with the failing ANC government and that they are desperate for change, which restores order and keeps the people safe. JPMD has already increased the number of Metro Police Officers in the area to help fight crime, yet SAPSs visibility has not increased.”

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The party went on to call for the area to be given an honest, professional, and well-resourced police service that is not corrupt, uncaring, and colluding with gangsters and drug dealers.

They have also echoed Westbury residents’ request for tactical response unit to assist with policing in the area.

Mbalula, however, does not buy the party’s statements saying they are looking after the interests of the people of Westbury. Whether they are indeed working with druglords, though, remains unproven at this point.

Additional reporting by Simnikiwe Hlatshaneni and ANA

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