Gopolang Moloko
1 minute read
13 Feb 2020
1:47 pm

Apologies are patronising and encourage racism, says Mashego during Catzavelos’ sentencing

Gopolang Moloko

Mashego told the court of her experiences, which involved being addressed by people who used the k-word.

EFF Gauteng leader Mandisa Mashego.

Apologies are patronising and encourage racism, EFF chairperson Mandisa Mashego told the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, during the sentencing proceedings of Adam Catzavelos.

While on the stand for the aggravating part of the sentencing she recommended Catzavelos spend not less than 10 years behind bars.

“Apologies are not enough,” she added while questioning why Catzavelos had to be assisted with his apology letter, which she believed was not sincere.

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Mashego maintains Catzavelos only made the apology when he realised she had opened a criminal case against him. “People use the k-word [to] dehumanise and make others feel less than [them].”

“I experienced the k-word many times as a kid specifically directed at me and in general directed at my parents and people around me.”

Catzavelos earlier read out his apology to the court for referring to black people using the k-word in a video while in Greece in 2018. Aside from losing his friends, he said his business had lost clients.

Meanwhile, Seth Mazibuko from the Seth Mazibuko Legacy Foundation, which Catzavelos has been doing community service through, recommended no jail time for Catzavelos while on the stand.

Closing arguments were heard, and the magistrate will decide on sentencing based on provided evidence. The case is postponed to February 28 for sentencing.

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