Marizka Coetzer
2 minute read
1 Sep 2021
6:20 am

The road to a balanced Children’s Act still long, say NPOs

Marizka Coetzer

Fathers continued to be reduced to ATMs, whose responsibility it was to provide finance to raise children and not be present physically.

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Founder of i4118 Foundation Gavin Meyers says that in his opinion, the Child Act is not gender-biased. “But it is very subjective and the problem is it opens the door for the biological father to walk away,” he said. “The Act does not force the biological father to take responsibility at all.” He said that if the mothers had an attitude the fathers simply walked away, it created negative consequences for society as a whole. “Woman’s rights and the feminist movement has not helped. “We have not brought in a balance,” Meyers said. Fathers4Justice founder Gary da Silva disagreed, saying...