Sipho Mabena
Premium Journalist
3 minute read
6 Aug 2020
12:55 pm

‘What we do with our infrastructure none of your business,’ Vumacam tells JRA

Sipho Mabena

Vumacam contends that it is not the JRA's concern what they do with the poles they hope to construct on the side of its roads, and they should only concern themselves with evaluating the applications and granting permits.

Vumacam said that the systems were installed because it was realised that there were a multitude of disparate CCTV solutions, often unconnected, and with ‘islands’ of uncovered suburbs adjacent to covered suburbs. Image: Facebook

The private company rolling out a contentious public closed-circuit television system across Johannesburg's suburbs have said that the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) have no business in what they intend to do with their poles, but should simply consider and approve their wayleaves. According to Vumacam boss, Ricky Croock, when it applies for a wayleave, his company does not require, nor does it seek, JRA’s approval of its subsequent business activities - “that is, the use to which it intends to put the poles it installs in the road reserve, once they have been installed”. The company has approached the High...