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Evelyn Morris
2 minute read
13 Jul 2020
9:11 am

Man left injured in street after attack during morning walk

Evelyn Morris

The incident took place while the victim was walking with his 13-year-old daughter.

The victim was walking with his daughter when the attack occurred. Image: Andreas Mathios

A man was left injured in the street after being attacked while walking with his daughter on Valley View Road in Escombe, Durban on Sunday morning.

Blue Security’s Andreas Mathios said locals, including members of Escombe neighbourhood watch, assisted by Moseley neighbourhood watch and its first responders responded to the victim who was attacked by two suspects.

“The man was out walking with his daughter when the two suspects struck, assaulting him and wrestling him to the ground,” said Mathios.

He said the man’s calls for help alerted residents who then responded by calling for help.

“Blue Security control dispatched multiple response units,” said Mathios.

“The medical condition of the man was assessed by community members of Escombe and Blue Security who soon arrived on scene.

“Meanwhile, the security company’s tactical members began to pursue the suspects after gathering information from those on the scene. The Moseley community members arrived on scene and rendered additional support,” he said.

“An off-duty nurse from the neighbourhood watch immediately began assessing the patient, who was lying in the middle of the road and complaining of spinal discomfort,” added Mathios explaining that the man was assessed and stabilised and was expected not to suffer any long term injury.

“A state ambulance arrived later and the patient was transported to a medical facility. Blue Security tactical officers returned from searching the valley but suspects got away, ” said Mathios.

“The police are investigating a case of robbery and assault. As patrollers, we really appreciate the community being involved, assisting and supporting our members who daily go on the roads to help our community and families,” he said.

Escombe neighbourhood watch chairperson, Don Maskell said he was pleased by the cooperation by community members.

Maskell also warned about increased attacks on people using the roads on foot.

“We just want to make people aware of walking on the roads as we have had an increase in attacks against pedestrians and joggers,” he said.

Maskell said the daughter, 13, was not physically harmed during the attack, but was distraught after witnessing her father being harmed.

The suspects escaped the scene and still remain at large.

This article first appeared on Highway Mail and was republished with permission.

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