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Cop couple sentenced for raping daughter

The sergeant and constable's daughter was 13 when she was first raped by the sergeant in the police barracks.

Two police officers, who are husband and wife, have received lengthy jail terms for rape, sexual assault and failure to report rape, relating to their own daughter.

Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) Spokesperson Phaladi Shuping said the unit welcomed the sentencing after it had investigated the matter dating back to incidents between 2018 and 2021.

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The officers were convicted on 29 February this year and received their sentences on Friday, 5 April.

Girl was 13

“The two officers were arrested by IPID after the incidents were reported to the directorate [by the girl],” Shuping said.

“The 53-year-old police sergeant was, earlier today, sentenced to 25 years after he was found guilty of rape of his step-daughter, who was 13 years old at the time.

“The sergeant was further handed an additional five years imprisonment for two counts of sexual assault.

“The sergeant will effectively serve 30 years imprisonment as the sentences were not ordered to run concurrently.”

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The 36-year-old constable, and biological mother of the girl, received five years imprisonment or a fine of R5 000 for her failure to report rape and sexual assault cases after they were brought to her attention by the complainant (her daughter).

Raped at the police barracks

“The police sergeant from East London sexually assaulted, and later raped her step-daughter at the Police barracks between 2018 and 2021.”

A case was reported to Ipid, and the sergeant was arrested.

“Ipid investigations revealed that the mother of the complainant was informed by the complainant of these acts, but she failed to report them to the authorities, or remove the complainant from the house.”

Shuping said Ipid applauded the action taken by the girl’s aunt, who assisted her in opening a case, helping her through court proceedings.

Shuping added the investigating officer and prosecutor should also be commended for ensuring justice for the girl.

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