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Mbalula says ‘sleeping drunk driver’ arrested in ANC shirt ‘didn’t say he is ANC’

WATCH VIDEO: The incident of a driver who allegedly also had food parcels in his boot also prompted a response from The People’s Dialogue leader Herman Mashaba.

A man identified by some on social media as an ANC official was arrested after he appeared to be drunk while sleeping his car, according to pictures of him that were circulated this week.

In a video that accompanied the photos, the man could be seen swearing and shouting at a traffic officer after he was arrested and placed in a police van.

“What’s the charge against me? You found me in my car sleeping … there’s no charge!

“I don’t fight or care about ANC member …. you are corrupted and you want a bribe. You want me to give you money,” he exclaimed.

The traffic officer, a woman who appears to be the one who arrested him, said the “ANC official” allegedly also had food parcels in the boot of his “expensive car” and was drinking “expensive alcohol”.

“This is so embarrassing. This guy is driving a BMW … a very very expensive BMW, with food parcels. The poor are in need of those food parcels and he is drunk-drinking 18-year Glenfiddich,” the woman said.

The incident prompted the response of The People’s Dialogue leader Herman Mashaba, who also shared the video.

“Well done to this JMPD officer. I hope this ANC cadre rots in jail! We are not respected, fellow South Africans.

“While we adhere to regulations, with families starving and businesses suffering, they are chowing food parcels, sipping 18-year Glenfiddich,” he said on Twitter.

Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula defended the ANC, claiming the arrested man was not necessarily a party member. He nevertheless appeared to welcome the arrest.

“But this guy didn’t say he is ANC. Why are police asking people about their membership? They should arrest irrespective,” said Mbalula, who was formerly the minister of police.

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