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Police seize R11m in fake goods, arrest 37 undocumented immigrants in Fordsburg

Police say this was the second takedown in a row in Fordsburg this week.

In a swift operation on Thursday, the South African Police Service (Saps) confiscated fake and illegal products amounting to more than R11 million. They also apprehended another band of undocumented foreign nationals during their concentrated takedown operation in Fordsburg. 

The black market for counterfeit goods in South Africa has witnessed a surge in recent years, presenting a significant challenge to both the nation’s economic stability and the integrity of genuine brands.

With a burgeoning demand for counterfeit products ranging from luxury items to everyday necessities, this illicit trade not only undermines the economy but also erodes consumer trust in authentic goods.

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Fordsburg takedown

National media liaison officer Lieutenant Colonel Amanda van Wyk previously said the authorities persist to make inroads by “dislodging and dismantling the illicit trade in counterfeit goods”. 

The takedown singled out 18 shops at one of the Fordsburg shopping malls.

“This resulted in the seizure of counterfeit and illicit goods worth over R11 million and over R40 000 in abandoned cash. Police also arrested 37 undocumented foreign nationals,” said Lieutenant Colonel Amanda van Wyk.

Furthermore, the police uncovered and took possession of more than 8 000 popular brand knock offs. Among these were cellphone chargers, cellphone covers, counterfeit labels as well as actual cellphones.

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Some of the items seized are electronics which violate the Electronic Communications Act No. 36 of 2005 and the Icasa Amendment Act No. 03 of 2006. These included multiple counterfeit headphones, earphones and Bluetooth speakers.

“The team that executed a search and seizure warrant comprised Saps, officials from the Department of Home Affairs, South African Revenue Services (Sars), Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa), Gauteng Traffic Saturation unit, Brand Protectors, Crime Prevention Wardens and private security,” van Wyk added.

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R15mil, more takedowns

This was the second takedown operation in Fordsburg only this week. Van Wyk said on Wednesday the police confiscated illegal and fake products amounting to approximately R15 million.

 Only one suspect was apprehended and faces charges of being in possession of counterfeit goods as well as manufacturing and selling them.

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