WATCH: Armed robbers strike at Middelburg Courier Guy

The truck driver, a staff member receiving the parcels, and the security guard were tied up while the robbers took some parcels.

In the latest case of criminal syndicates targeting courier vehicle or businesses, goods worth approximately R2 million was stolen after four armed suspects robbed a store in Middelburg, Mpumalanga in the early hours on Wednesday.

The Courier Guy was raided around 3am after two groups of suspects in a VW Polo and a white Toyota Fortuner, one of the drivers, were waiting in line.

The four robbers were reportedly dropped off by the Toyata, then they proceeded to climb over the wall at the back of the store’s premises.

The store’s branch manager, Maggie de Beer, said they suspected the robbers kept a close eye on them, because they knew exactly what time the truck driver stopped to make deliveries.

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CCTV video footage showed four robbers watching the business premises, and then assaulting three employees after forcing them to the floor with weapons.

The truck driver, a staff member receiving the parcels, and the security guard were tied up while the robbers took some parcels.

The robbers managed to flee with parcels and a truck with all its contents, however, the truck was later found by police in a forest near Tasbet Park in eMahlaleni.

The Courier Guy’s area manager, Johnny Moore, said the robbers took around 1,700 parcels and even stole hot water bags and the truck driver’s chewing gum.

Its regional manager, Janet Swart said they had yet to confirm the contents of the stolen parcels, to determine what the damage is, but they estimate that approximately R2 million worth of goods had been stolen.

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In January, police opened cases of hijacking and theft after a RAM courier vehicle was robbed of cellphone packages, in Kempton Park, while another was also targeted not far from the first one.

Police spokesperson Mathapelo Peters, responding to one of the attacks, said the suspects approached a 58-year-old driver and passenger who were seated in the vehicle parked near Knorr-Brense on Derrick Roads in Kempton Park, Gauteng with guns and instructed them to get out.

The suspects took off with the vehicle loaded with packages meant to be delivered.

This article first appeared on Middelburg Observer and was republished with permission.

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