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Distinguished doggy lives and loves big

The emotional support dog spends most of his time visiting schools, dementia homes and attending various functions, free of charge, to spread love.

Dogs usually don’t have the luxury of starting their day with a healthy smoothie, or being able to choose from an array of exciting play-date requests from around the world.

But Mr Miyagee is no ordinary pooch.

The 16-month-old chocolate tri-coloured longcoat Chihuahua is a certified emotional support dog who spends most of his time visiting schools, dementia homes and attending various functions, free of charge, to spread love.

His owner Lindi Pieterse enthused about Mr Miyagee’s achievements and busy schedule at the annual World of Dogs and Cats pet expo at Gallagher Estate, which is on until tomorrow.

Mr Miyagee’s career began after Pieterse’s son’s dog died.

The eight-year-old boy developed post-traumatic stress disorder from losing his best friend, which was Mr Miyagee’s cue to step up to the plate.

After the boy no longer relied as heavily on his therapy dog, Pieterse realised there was an opportunity to help other people.

Dare 2 Care ambassador, Mr Miyagee at WODAC in Gallagher Estate, 19 July 2019. Picture: Neil McCartney

Aside from being an ambassador to a prominent pet nutrition brand, a pet insurance company, and an Italian ice-cream brand for dogs, Mr Miyagee is raising awareness about the importance of emotional support pets.

There are also talks of a children’s book, featuring Mr Miyagee, on how to care for special needs pets.

With a promising future of becoming a sniffer dog, either for narcotics units – where his small stature means he can sneak into tiny spaces – or being able to detect diseases, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there is not much Mr Miyagee can’t do.

His lavish lifestyle is not just because he’s adorable and an important ambassador and influencer, it is to keep him fit and healthy, Pieterse explained.

With a jam-packed schedule, he needs his healthy fix of an array of vitamins and minerals.

And being handled by excited children and people all day, every day, can take its toll on even the strongest of dogs.

One can’t help but be a bit jealous of Mr Miyagee’s lifestyle.

But his buchu-extract biscuits, watching television series and massages are definitely well deserved.

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