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Matric results: Here are some of SA’s top students from 2021

The matric class of 2021 had shown tremendous resilience in facing the challenges of a radically changing learning environment during the pandemic. Here are the top achievers.

Despite the challenges the 2021 matric class faced, there were some pupils who excelled. Here are some of the top academic achievers.

The matric class that wrote the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate exams in 2021 had a 98.39% pass rate.

This was a slight improvement from 2020’s pass rate of 98.06%.

Matric Class of 2021

Anne Oberholzer, the IEB chief executive, said the 2021 matric class had shown “tremendous resilience”.

“The class of 2021 has had to dig deep mentally and emotionally to find the strength to face the tremendous challenges of a radically changed teaching and learning environment of the last two years,” said Oberholzer.

She added that 2021’s matric pupils “experienced a disruptive change of an unprecedented nature within a relatively short space of time”.

“They truly deserve the accolades they receive.”

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Find your 2021 matric results here.

Matric results 2021

South Africa’s top students

Despite the challenges the 2021 matric class faced, there were some pupils who excelled.

Here are some of the year’s top academic achievers:


One of SAHETI’s best pupils was Jade Harrison. She received 10 distinctions with an average of 88.3%.

SAHETI’s top candidate, Ariane Angelopulo, received nine distinctions while also achieving the highest average (95.5%).

She was named an Outstanding Achiever by the IEB, ranking within the top 5% of candidates nationally in six or more subjects.

Jade Harrison (left) and Ariane Angelopulo (right) were two of SAHETI’s top matrics in 2021. Photo: Supplied

Cassandra Barbis also received nine distinctions, with the second-highest average (94.5%) at the school.

With 10 distinctions, Andonia Papavarnava achieved an average of 93.3%.

Savvas Hajiphilippou achieved an average of 92.3% and received nine distinctions.

Also with nine distinctions were Aleksa Kruger (average of 89.1%), Dimitrios Dalakas (90.1%), Pavlos Chronias (89.1%), Anastasia Stathoulis, Myron Stavrides (89.5%), and Matheo Panayiotou (88.4%).

Redhill School

Redhill had two pupils who achieved nine distinctions.

Redhill pupil John Cokayne. Photo: supplied

One of them, John Cokayne, had eight distinctions above 90%.

The school also had four students who received eight distinctions, five students who achieved seven distinctions, and five students with six distinctions.

Southdowns College High School

Six candidates from this school in Pretoria achieved eight distinctions each. They are:

  • Robyn Rhodes,
  • Shaylee Anderson,
  • Britney Quickfall,
  • Bernard van der Walt,
  • Maja van Loggerenberg,
  • Johannes van Heerden.

Crawford International College Sandton

Tatiana Nicolopoulos, from Crawford College in Sandton, achieved an exceptional 10 distinctions.

Tatiana Nicolopoulos from Crawford International College in Sandton. Photo: Supplied

The school also had three pupils who achieved nine distinctions, including the twin brothers Caleb and Joshua Savary. Gareth Rees was the other student with nine distinctions.

The school had seven pupils with eight distinctions, and nine pupils with seven distinctions.

Crawford International College Pretoria

Imaad Lambat and Changkun Leo Huan, from Crawford College in Pretoria achieved a remarkable nine distinctions each.

Another of the school’s pupils, Ammara Latib, achieved eight distinctions.

The school also has twins, Ethan and Stephan Leukes, who collectively received 14 distinctions – seven each.

Crawford International College Lonehill

Nine students from Crawford College in Lonehill got eight distinctions. They are:

  • Andrew Richard Erasmus,
  • Sibusisiwe Siphosamantungwa Khumalo,
  • Benjamin Manning,
  • Wanjiku Ndegwa,
  • Talia Powell,
  • Victoria Mae Pretorius,
  • Danika Ramlakan,
  • Adesh Umang Ramlal,
  • Priya Valla.

Crawford International College North Coast

Yash Panday, from Crawford International College North Coast, achieved eight distinctions and was within the top 5% of pupils from around the country in six or more subjects.

Three other students from the school – Muhammad Manjra, Alyana Rajahussen, and Marina Viljoen – achieved seven distinctions.

Trinityhouse High School in Randpark Ridge

Trinityhouse’s top achievers were Esha Marrian and Ruan Rabbets with eight distinctions each. Marrian is planning to study medicine, while Rabbets is looking to study chemical engineering.

Eight of the school’s students – George Chavaranis, Kelly Duffin, Zoe Franck, Jodi-Leigh Smuts, Melissa Rowe, Kirsten Mileman, Jason Lourens and Bronwen Kelly – got seven distinctions.

Glenwood House College

Glenwood House College in George had four pupils who achieved seven distinctions. They are:

  • Eila Schoeman,
  • Erica Vegter,
  • Esther Squires,
  • Sarah Vos

Elkanah House

Elkanah House in Cape Town had two students with eight distinctions – Lauren Coe and Emily Raubenheimer.

Amber Heesom, Thandeka Matrose, and Jason McKechnie achieved seven distinctions each.

Tyger Valley College High School

Two pupils from Tyger Valley College High School, in Pretoria – Alison Breytenbach and Lloyd Creighton – passed with seven distinctions each.

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Online school Brainline had two students – Alexander Russel and Megan Joynt – who achieved seven distinctions.

Joynt was within the top 5% of the IEB, while also being among the top 1% in five of her subjects.

St Andrew’s College (SAC) in Makhanda

Dominic Owen, who is the school’s Dux Scholar, achieved six distinctions.

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