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EFF guns for DA’s Solly Msimanga

Malema says Msimanga should be held equally accountable along with the Tshwane city manager for the allegations of tender irregularity at the metro.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema announced on Thursday that the red berets will table a motion of no confidence in City of Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga for the alleged tender irregularities at the metro.

Allegations of irregularly awarding a contract to engineering consultant company GladAfrica have been levelled against Tshwane City manager Moeketsi Mosola.

The allegations prompted Msimanga to propose that Mosola should be placed on suspension pending an investigation.

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“Our caucus in the City of Tshwane has written to us about its intentions to put a motion of no confidence in the mayor of the capital city, Solly Msimanga.

“This is based on the fact that they see him as a non-consultative leader who has prioritised white people amidst great service delivery problems in poor black communities,” Malema said.

The EFF caucus in the Tshwane council expressed concern over Msimanga’s move to suspend Mosola, Malema added.

“This is over an alleged tender irregularity which he as a mayor, alongside the city manager, stood in a press conference to assure the public that there were no irregularities. Even on this matter, Msimanga has not brought the EFF into confidence,” Malema said.

The EFF leader said the party’s caucus in Tshwane indicated that Mosola is being punished because he is suspected of exposing Msimanga for hiring Marietha Aucamp though she did not possess the required qualifications for the job.

“The white-dominated DA [Democratic Alliance] caucus is bloodthirsty and wants to see the city manager punished for exposing their fellow white fake. This is because Marietha Aucamp is a blue-eyed child of the Tshwane DA who is supposed to be untouchable.

“We hate corruption, but we shall never be blinded by white supremacy and racism,” the EFF commander-in-chief said.

Malema said “white supremacists” find it easy to expose corruption by black individuals as a way of retaliation because society is always ready to find black people guilty of corruption in courts of public opinion.

He added that if Mosola is guilty as accused then due processes should be followed and that these should hold Msimanga equally accountable for the alleged corruption because it could not have been perpetrated without the mayor’s complicity.

Malema said Msimanga should not use Mosola as a scapegoat, adding that the mayor’s claim that he was unaware of the contract in question cannot be accepted as true because Mosola had emailed a DA member about the contract and copied the mayor.

“Now that the matter is in the newspapers,  Solly is now acting like he didn’t know,” Malema said.

The EFF leader said should the motion of no confidence in Msimanga succeed, the red berets would not meet any party over possible candidates to replace the incumbent nor would it support any party but would back a credible candidate.

Malema said Msimanga’s claim that he had no knowledge of the contract further justifies the motion of no confidence in him because as the executive mayor he should have received in writing a report from the city manager about the contract.

Commenting on Msimanga’s run for Gauteng Premier, Malema said the Tshwane mayor is not fit for that office because he is failing to lead in Tshwane.

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