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By Marizka Coetzer


Government of national unity: ‘Worth a try’ or ‘attempt to smuggle DA into power’?

South African citizens are open to a GNU, despite political figures' doubts

While political figures doubted the possibility of a national united government (GNU) or a coalition government, ordinary citizens seem open for change.

ToekomsFront MD Devon Hofmeyr said a GNU was a big mistake, and that President Cyril Ramaphosa was trying everything to protect his place.

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“The Democratic Alliance (DA) and the ANC are puppets of the West and will keep the establishment in place,” he said.

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“The parties sell out our people to international money powers. We simply lose more of our identity and independence.”

‘Attempt by Ramaphosa to smuggle the DA into a GNU’

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member Carl Niehaus said there was a big difference between the possibility of a coalition government and a GNU.

“A distinction must be made between the possibility of a coalition government, which will be essential because there is no party with a full majority and the government of national unity, there is a difference,” he said.

Niehaus said the EFF was prepared to look at the possibility of that. “(Party leader) Julius (Malema) also said that about a coalition government.

But we have big problems with a national unity that must include everyone, including the DA.” Niehaus said this was an attempt by Ramaphosa to smuggle the DA into a GNU.

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“If we can discuss coalitions, as long as it is clear what the agreements are in the coalition, yes then there is a possibility,” he said.

‘Maybe it could work’

Mamelodi resident Daniel Maluleka said he’d never considered a coalition government or a GNU now. “Maybe it was the way to go.

Then the DA can keep an eye on the ANC. If they [ANC] are left alone, they reach deep into the government coffers.” He said corruption would be eliminated if the political parties start regulating one another.

“I also don’t see the far-left parties like the EFF and the Freedom Front Plus sitting at the same table and agreeing on policies, and that’s the problem. They are all so different,” he said.

‘Time for GNU to take the lead’

Queenswood resident Ilze van Rooyen said it was time for a new government to take the lead. “The elections weren’t even fair, what about those videos of the ballot boxes not being counted? We can’t trust anything they say.”

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She said if the ANC and DA joined forces, Ramaphosa should be replaced. “The ANC has had 30 years to lead the country with little success, it’s time to give others a chance.

Why don’t they appoint people who know the job or the department?” she asked. Van Rooyen said people like former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter should be given a chance to turn around the crisis at the utility.

“Go to your local municipality or licensing department, look at willingness to deliver services. We need people who want to do the job and make a change.”

Mamelodi resident Phillip Nkoana said he didn’t think a national government of unity could work. “How can it work, they are not friends, they are enemies if you look at history.”

Nkoana said people who voted for the ANC did not agree with the things the DA stood for, and would not like a GNU.

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