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1 Nov 2021
1:16 pm

Election day weather: Stormy and sunshine – and not just the politics

Cheryl Kahla

Depending on where you find yourself today, it could be boiling hot, or rainy, cold and windy. Here's what you need to know.

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The Local Elections have finally arrived and the weather is already making it hard for voters to make their mark. Thankfully it was declared a Public Holiday

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Elections 2021: Weather update

While residents in the southern parts of the country will need it to keep dry, those in the northern parts will need to avoid a severe case of sunburn.

Rainy conditions in the south

The South African Weather Service warns a cold front “will affect the Western and Northern Cape provinces today [1 November].”

This will result in rainy, cold and windy conditions for voters in the southern parts of the country.

“Strong winds over the western and southern half of SA may cause disruptions.”

Forecaster Kumsa Masizana said the cold front forecast – which made landfall mid-morning – is “still very much on track”.

Warm and windy conditions up north

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Photo: Twitter/South African Weather Service

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Those up north will “experience warm to hot and windy conditions”, the weather service said.

Temperatures in Polokwane and Tshwane will reach a high of 31 degrees Celcius while Johannesburg will reach 29 degrees Celcius.

The hottest temperatures in the country will be felt near Musina and Thabazimbi, reaching a high of 35 degrees Celcius.