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By Faizel Patel

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MK party wants Ramaphosa jailed for ‘abusing office for political gain’

The MK party said “the desperation and gravity” of Ramaphosa’s actions cannot be understated

The uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) party has asked the Electoral Court to cancel the African National Congress’ (ANC) registration and initiate criminal proceedings against President Ramaphosa over a recent address to the nation.

The party further wants him jailed for allegedly abusing his office for political gain.

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Former President Jacob Zuma’s party filed an urgent affidavit in the Electoral Court against Ramaphosa in his capacity as the President of the ANC and head of state to uphold the integrity of our electoral process.

The MK party said the legal action stems from a blatant violation of the Electoral Code of Conduct, specifically Section 9(2)(e), which prohibits any candidate or party from abusing a position of power to influence the outcome of elections.

“Given the massive legal team around him, we contend that Ramaphosa has knowingly misused his presidential office to deploy state resources in a manner that unfairly benefits his corrupt and desperate political party, the ANC.

“This includes the national broadcaster and other public media outlets, which were disingenuously used to broadcast an election campaign speech, which he used throughout his dismal campaign under the guise of a national address on May 26, 2024,” the MK party said.

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The MK party said “the desperation and gravity” of Ramaphosa’s actions could “not be understated”.

“In our affidavit, we request the Electoral Court to cancel the ANC’s registration as a political party and to initiate criminal proceedings against Ramaphosa, with penalties severe enough to reflect the seriousness of the infringement, including potential imprisonment.”

DA application

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) wants Ramaphosa to pay a fine and the ANC to be docked a percentage of the national vote over the same address.

Opposition parties have lashed out at Ramaphosa over his speech to the nation on Sunday night, accusing him of campaigning for the ANC in a last pitch to voters before the polls on 29 May.

During his family meeting, Ramaphosa highlighted the “achievements” of the sixth administration, including tackling corruption, handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, tackling corruption and gender-based violence and reducing load shedding, among other issues.

In a 36-page founding affidavit filed by the party to the Electoral Court, the DA’s Helen Zille said by the time the court was able to adjudicate the dispute, the elections would be over.

Zille emphasised that a court must punish the wrongdoing, seek to undo the impact of the abuse of public power and public funds and deter future wrongdoing.

The DA also wants Ramaphosa and another respondent that opposes the application, to pay the party’s costs.

Criticism unfounded

Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Vincent Magwenya on Monday told The Citizen that the criticism of the president is unfounded.

“The President’s address on Sunday was a stately account of the work done during the 6th administration. The President was, therefore, being accountable to the nation as we ended the term of the 6th administration, Magwenya said.

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