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WATCH: Ramaphosa tells ANC supporters to vote for ‘handsome guy like me’

Ramaphosa's address sounded more like a state of the nation address than a stump speech at the party’s Siyanqoba rally

President Cyril Ramaphosa has told supporters to vote for the African National Congress (ANC) and to look for a “handsome man” like him on the ballot when voting.

Ramaphosa addressed scores of ANC supporters in what sounded more like a state of the nation address than a stump speech at the party’s Siyanqoba rally at the FNB stadium in Soweto on Saturday.

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Ramaphosa said people will decide if the country “moves forward with the ANC, or backwards to a terrible past.”

Watch President Cyril Ramaphosa speaking about jobs

Handsome guy

Ramaphosa told supporters to vote for the ANC on all three ballot papers on election day.

“When you get there, look for a handsome face and vote for him, not the ugly ones. Look out for a handsome guy like me. Let’s go out there and make sure that there is one bull in the kraal. There are many who don’t want us to come back but we will show them on Wednesday.

“Let’s go and show them who we are. I have given strict instructions instructions that Gauteng and KZN must give us 70%, Limpopo 90%,” Ramaphosa said.


The ANC president also hit out at “privileged” critics of the National Health Insurance (NHI) bill.

The president finally “found his pen” and publicly signed into law the NHI bill, which directs the transformation of South Africa’s health care system to achieve universal coverage for health services.

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Ramaphosa’s decision was met with criticism, disappointment, concern and dismay, with an avalanche of separate legal challenges expected to follow the signing.

Ramaphosa said government will implement the NHI, which he signed recently.

“We now have an NHI that will provide healthcare in both public and private health care facilities. It will be implemented in phases.

“It is unacceptable that some privileged members of society want us to continue with an apartheid health care system and deprive South Africans of quality health care. The NHI will harness the strength of both the public and private healthcare systems for all,” Ramaphosa said.

Watch ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa arrives at the FNB Stadium

Flag burning

Ramaphosa said there is a political party that has been trying to win votes by burning the South African flag.

“We will not allow that to continue to happen in our country. It’s the flag that unites and binds us. The ANC will continue to make sure that South Africa is a nonsexist and nonracial. We will go out on the 29th and vote for the ANC so that we can continue with the transformational agenda.

“We ask the people to reject those working hard to undermine the grains we’ve made. We are asking you to choose the ANC, as the only reliable force that can allow us to continue with the journey. We are asking you to vote for the ANC,” Ramaphosa said.


Ramaphosa also vowed to “put more South Africans to work.”

“Throughout this campaign, in the homes of our people, in the workplaces where our people work, in the streets of our towns, townships and villages, we have met mothers and fathers, grandparents and young people. So many told us of their struggles to find work and to provide for their families so that they can live in dignity and pride.”

“Many told us how grateful they were for social grants that support their children so that they can put bread on their table,” Ramaphosa said.


Ramaphosa also touched on the cost of data in South Africa, telling supporters at FNB stadium, data in the country is still amongst the highest in the world.

“South Africa cannot be an outlier. We want the telecommunications companies to reduce the cost of data so that young people can use the internet without paying too much. Down with the cost of data, down”


Ramaphosa also said South Africa will continue to support Palestine and the Palestinian people.

“We must continue to exert pressure so that the people of Palestine can enjoy the peace that we enjoy,” Ramaphosa said.

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