Sipho Mabena
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16 Sep 2021
6:09 pm

R8.5-million for Masilonyana stadium, only for it to be carried away brick by brick

Sipho Mabena

Vandals have also ravaged the nearby sports complex, carrying away the buildings and pavilion 'brick by brick'.

Vandals have ravaged the Winburg sports complex in the Free State, reducing buildings and pavilion to a heap of rubble: SUPPLIED

Not only has the Masilonyana local municipality in the Free State allowed the buildings of the Winburg sports complex to be stripped and looted by vandals, but they have also apparently spent R8, 5-million on construction of another unused stadium nearby, and want more money to complete it. Construction of the second stadium started in January 2013 but came to a halt when it was discovered that the contractor was doing shoddy work. This led to the contract being terminated and the project’s consultant took over the work in a sub-contract. Their contract, however, was also terminated, as they had...