Getrude Makhafola
Premium Journalist
6 minute read
6 Jun 2022
7:30 pm

‘I lost my leg and I’m going blind but can’t retire’ – Municipal workers’ pension nightmare

Getrude Makhafola

Dozens of ailing pensioners have been unable to officially retire, as millions in pension deductions were never paid to their funds.

Mafube Municipality former employee Paseka Mahlanku is living in poverty while awaiting his pension payout. Photo: Supplied.

Former employee of the Free State's ailing Mafube Municipality, sickly Paseka Jonas Mahlanku, lives in Mafahlaneng township in the rural town of Tweeling. The council is headquartered in Frankfort, and the 68-year-old Mahlanku worked as a tractor driver at the municipality for over 23 years. During this period, his health problems have been piling up. His leg was amputated last month due to gangrene, leaving him wheelchair bound. He is also gradually losing his eye eyesight. Despite all this, he is still awaiting his pension pay out, several years after retiring, because the council owes pension funds millions in unpaid...