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By Kaunda Selisho


ANC stages a walkout during Zille’s #WCSopa2019

The premiere's final state of the province address descended into chaos as the party staged a mini-protest.

Hele Zille’s final state of the province address (Sopa) as Western Cape premiere descended into chaos as ANC members who were present during the house sitting staged a walkout after continual interruptions throughout the morning.

The leader of the ANC in the legislature, Khaya Magaxa, declared a point of order, prior to leading his fellow ANC comrades out of the house.

“Honourable speaker, we have been really tolerant in listening to the premiere. And I think we can’t continue listening to this. Therefore, speaker, as the ANC we are gonna go out here and give the real state of the province outside this. This is a distortion of the reality that this province is facing,” said Magaxa.

The speaker then suspended the house as the ANC walked out while chanting: “DA must go!”

The house speaker then asked the disruptive members to leave despite them already being on their way out.

Two ANC members then approached Zille’s husband and engaged him in a confrontation while on the way out.

An unidentified member of the house (who is presumably a DA member) then stood up and stated that “the thuggish behaviour we have just experience by the ANC cannot go unpunished and I am going to put a motion in absentia to those members, interacting with the honourable premiere’s husband is totally unacceptable and I would ask for your support when this motion comes about”.

The speaker then promised to review visuals and audio in order to determine what happened before ruling on the matter.

After the chaos died down, Zille was allowed to continue her address.

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