Sinesipho Schrieber
1 minute read
26 Oct 2019
6:15 am

Food costs stunt children, bind them to poverty – Economic Justice and Dignity

Sinesipho Schrieber

Lead researcher Mervyn Abrahams said proper development of the human body depended on receiving sufficient nutrients.

Healthy school lunch. Picture: Twitter

New research shows a link in rising food prices and childhood malnutrition and poorer performance in adults, negatively influencing studying and workplace productivity. Pietermaritzburg-based non-governmental organisation Economic Justice and Dignity found increases in the prices of nutritious food, such as vegetables, had left the working class in KwaZulu-Natal unable to afford diets containing the nutrients that play a vital role in children’s growth. The research found stunting levels caused by poverty in male children were up 30% and 25% for females. The cost of feeding a child a basic nutritious diet per month is R679, which meant the 12.3 million...