Simnikwe Hlatshaneni
3 minute read
10 Jan 2020
6:35 am

People die as they wait for oxygen tanks since October

Simnikwe Hlatshaneni

The government contractor supposed to deliver tanks to Riverlea has not done so, the Benchmark Foundation said, but the problem is nothing new.

Jacob Ismael is pictured inside his home in Riverlea, 9 January 2020. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

At least three people have died in Riverlea while waiting since October last year for oxygen tanks to be delivered by a government contractor. This was according to the Benchmarks Foundation’s community monitor in the area in the west of Johannesburg, Charles van de Merwe. Riverlea is located in the middle of an area surrounded by old mine dumps. Load shedding, unexpected power cuts and a backlog in gas tank delivery over the festive season left at least seven people who were dependent on respirators in the community suffering over the festive season. They were among a group of 17...