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No load shedding, but City Power warns load reduction could hit these areas to ‘protect from total collapse’

City Power is appealing to residents to urgently reduce electricity consumption to alleviate the strain on the system,

City Power has warned residents in specific areas in the City of Johannesburg could face load reduction if they do not reduce their electricity consumption.

The regional power utility said it is closely monitoring consumption patterns across supply areas within Johannesburg.


Its spokesperson Isaac Mangena said the power supplier is currently facing considerable strain on the system due to the recent drop in temperatures.

“The entity has already started recording a sharp increase in electricity demand, this always exerts unbearable pressure on the network and resources thereof. Moreover, during peak hours in the morning from 4am to 10am and again in the afternoon from 4pm to 10pm.

“Certain areas have recorded and reached concerning usage levels that threaten to overload the electricity equipment,” said Mangena.

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Areas with high consumption of electricity

  • Alexandra
  • Freedom Park
  • Hospital Hill
  • Kliptown
  • Klipfontein
  • Lawley
  • Matholesville
  • Mayibuye
  • Mountain View
  • Naturena
  • Pennyville
  • Pimville Zone 9
  • Prescast
  • Princess
  • Slovo
  • Thembelihle
  • Tshepisong
  • Vlakfontein


Mangena has appealed to residents to urgently reduce electricity consumption to alleviate the strain on the system to avoid the implementation of load reduction.

“Should customers not heed the call, City Power will implement load reduction in these areas. Load reduction is the utility’s last resort in protecting its network infrastructure from damage or total collapse.

“If the equipment explodes due to overloading which could have been prevented, prolonged outages will be imminent, and delays will incur in repairing the damages and replacing the equipment,” said Mangena.

He added this will negatively impact essential services, such as health care, small businesses, schools, traffic lights, and vulnerable individuals who are depend on an uninterrupted power supply.

Load shedding

Mangena also warned that if Eskom reinstates load shedding, load reduction will continue parallel the rolling blackouts in high usage areas if the energy consumption is not reduced.

“For that reason, the entity strongly implores customers, especially in the high density areas and those consuming more energy to use electricity sparingly, explore alternative energy sources and always switch off all non-essential appliances.

“These necessary adjustments in electricity usage behaviour can prevent overload triggered trips or load reduction,” said Mangena.

He said City Power has taken steps to mitigate the impact of upcoming extreme cold weather on its network, but customer cooperation is essential in maintaining a stable and uninterrupted power supply.

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