Malema’s fans say Kessie Nair proves he was right about ‘racist Indians’

Twitter has wasted no time in suggesting that one openly racist Indian man supposedly proves the allegation that it's a general problem.

After Durban resident Kessie Nair decided to poke the dragon and use the k-word in referring to President Cyril Ramaphosa, many on social media were quick to remind the country about EFF leader Julius Malema’s controversial comments about Indian people.

Earlier this year, Malema stoked controversy for saying that “most Indian people are racist”.

Nair, in his video on Tuesday, demanded that Ramaphosa be charged for failing the nation. Naie said he was prepared to go to jail for his comments. He has been in jail before, for fraud.

“I Kessie Nair do hereby call for that k**fir state president, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, to be charged for (de)frauding this nation, for oppressing this nation, for high treason,” he said.

“The marches, the Mandela Days, is a total mockery to the blood, the sacrifices of Nelson Mandela. I am prepared to go to prison for the rest of my life or take a bullet.”

Malema was widely criticised earlier this year for publicly saying: “The majority of Indians are racist. They were all screaming, but they are now coming back one by one sobering up and confirming exactly what the EFF is saying.”

Despite the criticism, Malema maintained that the majority of Indians were racist.

“If you’re Indian and you’re racist, you know we are talking to you. That’s why you get angry.”

A criminal case against the Durban businessman has been opened at the Bayview police station by former eThekwini councillor Brandon Pillay, who is planning to lodge a complaint against Nair with the South African Human Rights Commission.

Malema himself retweeted some comments supporting his views in the wake of Nair’s video on Wednesday. He was yet to weigh in with an opinion about Nair himself.

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