Molefe Seeletsa
Digital Journalist
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17 Nov 2020
1:44 pm

ActionSA’s ’embarrassing’ logo saga could hurt party – analyst

Molefe Seeletsa

ActionSA says it will redesign its logo and re-initiate its registration process after the IEC rejected the party’s registration application in September.

ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba. Picture: Neil McCartney

With ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba confirming  the decision to redesign his party’s logo, a political analyst says the former mayor of Johannesburg needed to conduct proper research before the relaunch of the party ahead of the 2021 local government elections.

On Monday, Mashaba announced that ActionSA would not challenge the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) decision to uphold their original decision to reject an application from ActionSA to register as a political party.

The IEC had rejected ActionSA’s application to register in September, saying its decision was based on a perceived similarity with another party’s logo and likeness with the South African flag.

“In resolving to step away from a legal remedy, ActionSA nonetheless notes a number of serious shortcomings in the IEC decision to reject our appeal. This includes errors of fact and law which would have become the basis for a High Court review,” the ActionSA leader said in a statement on Monday.

Mashaba added: “ActionSA will now move swiftly to amend its logo and re-initiate its registration process so that we can focus on what South Africans need, an alternative government presenting solutions to the challenges that confront our people on a daily basis.”

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Meanwhile, Political Futures Consultancy director and political analyst Daniel Silke said that ActionSA’s decision to redesign its logo was nothing short of an “embarrassment” and “basic error” that could potentially undermine the party’s credibility.

“I think this case of ActionSA’s logo being similar to another party as the IEC claim is embarrassing from Mashaba’s side as he could have done research with his team while also looking at the commission’s guidelines before deciding the register the party.

“It’s a positive outcome for ActionSA not go on the legal route because that would have been a tiring process. The party now would have to go back to the drawing with this basic error that could have be avoided,” he said.

Asked if ActionSA missing out on last Wednesday’s by-elections could have positive or negative consequences for the party in the future, Silke said he believed that Mashaba and his party would have to focus on the 2021 local government elections instead.

“The by-elections took place with Mashaba’s party being out of action, however, they can choose to place their focus on next year’s elections because there’s a tough road ahead especially considering that the party was new.

“I think him and his team should plan this time around and think clearly about the relaunch of this time because that could prove be crucial on whether the party moves in its intended direction or win over some voters,” he added.

Editor’s note: Following the publication of this article, ActionSA requested a right of reply. Click here to read Herman Mashaba’s response.

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