Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
20 Nov 2021
4:56 pm

Coalition negotiations: ANC has strange alliances with PA and IFP

Eric Naki

Now, the ANC and IFP, the erstwhile foes, have buried the hatchet – agreeing to share municipalities in hung councils.

The ANC in Gauteng has admitted that its leadership wasn't up to scratch in the run-up to the elections. Picture: Michel Bega

The ongoing tough coalition negotiations have given birth to rather strange political alliances, where former enemies and parties who differ markedly on policy were now working together. At the same time, some ideological opponents refuse to hop into bed with each other on the basis of principle. There are no better examples of awkward partnership than the strange alliances formed between the ANC and the Patriotic Alliance (PA) and the ANC and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP). The PA is strongly xenophobic in its policies and believes foreigners must pack and go. The ANC, opposed to that policy, were still...