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EFF calls for one currency across Africa

Among the other resolutions was that there should be monitoring of free movement from one country to another.

The Economic Freedom Fighters have called for one currency to be used across the continent of Africa.

The EFF held its National People’s Assembly this weekend in Johannesburg, to, among other things, elect new leaders for a new term, and confirm party resolutions.

Central Command Team member Thembi Msane, speaking on behalf of their international relations commission, said the party resolved that a solution to fight poverty on the continent would be one African currency.

Among the other resolutions was that there should be monitoring of free movement from one country to another.

Msane also described the African Union as a problematic organisation because it glorifies borders.

She said the party agreed on the isolation of King Mswati III monarch in Swaziland.

She continued that party also called for Swahili as the medium of instruction and for the language to be introduced in all schools.

The EFF pushed for all Africans to know their history and where they came from.

It also called for massive investment on the development of the economy in Africa and an increase in tariffs on all goods that are not manufactured in Africa.

Msane said the party also advocated for all member states to withdraw from the International Criminal Court and for the establishment of a permanent African force.

No foreign military forces should be allowed to interfere in African countries, the party agreed.

The EFF also called on the amendment of the liquor bill and seeks a total ban on alcohol advertisement.

EFF Gauteng leader Mandisa Mashego meanwhile said Africans in Africa should have rights of membership in the EFF.

Mashego called on Icasa to not auction high-demand spectrum and for telecommunications companies to share infrastructure network.

“The State must own primary infrastructure. We resolved that the EFF must make rules on developing communication skills, and focus on black innovations and inventions.

“We must intensify the campaign for the decrease of data and airtime pricing. We must be more actively involved in the campaigns. We have proposals on which search engines must be free of charge and use Telkom as the state network provider,” said Mashego.

She called on the SABC to broadcast African stories and government to regulate payment of TV licenses.

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