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WATCH: ‘I was fired because I had the courage to voice my ambition’ – Makhubele

Makhubele was accused of lying about Cope being part of a newly-formed coalition pact, the South African Rainbow Alliance (Sara).

Former Joburg  Speaker and Congress of the People (Cope) member, Colleen Makhubele, claims she was fired because she had the courage to lead and voice her ambition.

Makhubele broke her silence after she was sacked from the Joburg Council this week.

She was axed after posters with her face were plastered on street poles across the city, urging residents to register to vote for the “birth of a new nation” ahead of the 2024 general elections.

Watch Colleen Makhubele explain why she was fired

Cope claimed Makhubele “lied” about the organisation being part of the newly-formed coalition pact, the South African Rainbow Alliance (Sara).

According to Cope’s national chair Tebogo Loate, this was a transgression tantamount to effective expulsion as it had not been approved or declared to the party.

Makhubele shared her opinion about why she was fired.

“I was fired because I dared to believe that I can lead, that I can lead Sara and the nation of South Africa. I was fired because I had the courage to voice my ambition … The men feel they are entitled to lead.”

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Makhubele claimed she was not consulted about being fired and expelled from the party, saying the allegations against her were “lies.”

Makhubele said she did not “join anything.”

“This is an alliance, I was a member of Cope until I was terminated. President (Mosioua) Lekota was a president emeritus of this with us, he was here as a member of this alliance. So, nobody has joined any party… So all of those things are lies to tarnish Sara.

“I keep emphasising, because Sara is led by a woman who is capable and is creating a very serious threat to the political landscape of this country. Therefore, all sorts of lies are being spread, not just from within Cope, but outside of Cope,” Makhubele said.


Makhubele also claims she did not leave Cope, but was fired.

“They have it wrong, I was terminated, I didn’t leave, I was fired. We were sitting here waiting for President Lekota to come to a meeting on Monday. We were all not aware, he told [us] he is not feeling well he’s got urgent meetings somewhere in Kempton Park.

“I get calls from reporters to say you are fired. I was not told, I was not consulted, I was never even [given] an opportunity to make my representation because the journey we took here was with President Lekota side by side from day one,” Makhubele said.

Makhubele, however, said she had decided not to challenge her termination.

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