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Mbalula: ANC should have acted faster and decisively to stop corruption

Mbalula has admitted the road ahead will not be easy for the ANC, as it expects resistance to the fight against corruption.

African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Fikile Mbalula says the ruling party should have acted faster to stop corruption.

Mbalula was addressing the media as the party officially launched the 2019 elections manifesto review on Thursday.

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Launched under the theme: ‘The Year of Decisive Action to Advance the People’s Interests and Renew Our Movement’, Mbalula declared September as the month of mass popular engagement to provide public accountability for the decisions taken in the past four years.

ANC could have done more

“Over twenty-five years, South Africa has improved most people’s lives. Much of the momentum of change was sustained during the last ten years, though we could have moved faster, and the quality of services could have been much better,” said Mbalula.

“Regrettably, there were also reversals in some critical areas.

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“As a nation, we have learned the harsh impact on society and economy arising from the loss of integrity in State institutions, business, as well as in political and other formations. We have learned hard lessons about the vigilance needed to stop creeping lawlessness, greed, and selfishness from taking root.”

Mbalula said the party should have acted faster and decisively on such matters.

“We were remiss in not preventing a drift from the compass of integrity that inspired the generation whose mission was to achieve a democratic and inclusive society. We have heard the cries of millions about things that went wrong. We accept the criticisms. Having learned from both the good and bad of the past twenty-five years. Informed by our history of commitment to the people’s cause, we are resolved to make this an era of renewal and hope.”

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Mbalula, however, admitted the road ahead would not be easy for the ANC, as it expected resistance to the fight against corruption.

“But the march to a better South Africa is unstoppable,” he said.

Mbalula on coalitions

The secretary-general said the ANC was not working towards a coalition government, but outright victory, despite its participation in the national coalitions dialogue last week.

“We engaged all political parties not based on ideology, but principles to make local government work for our people through stability and integrity,” said Mbalula.

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“This is observed that the majority of these coalitions have been characterized by instability and poor service delivery, and this means that there needs to be stability. Our claim to victory in the 2024 National General Elections is informed by hard work to win the people’s trust. We look at grand coalitions as inevitable as a consequence of democratic processes.”

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