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WATCH: Mogoeng unfazed by death threats to ‘undo God’s plan’ for him to become president

Mogoeng previously said God had told him three times that he intends to make him president of South Africa.

Retired chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng has reiterated his unwavering belief that he will become the president of South Africa, despite facing “mockery, misrepresentation”, and even death threats.

“I will be president,” Mogoeng emphasised multiple times last year, expressing his ambition to lead South Africa.

Mogoeng previously said God had told him three times that he intends to make him president of the country and still believed he will take up he reigns as the leader of South Africa.

Mogoeng Mogoeng speaks about God’s plan for him to become president of South Africa

“It’s not an unction, it’s a settled matter. The Almighty God has spoken and it is settled and no shenanigan can reverse what he has predetermined,” Mogoeng said in a wide-ranging interview with Newzroom Afrika.

Death threats

The retired chief justice said not even death threats will stand in his way of becoming president of South Africa.

“No amount of mockery or misrepresentation will undo that the Lord has predetermined and have so many times over. By the way even a good number of influential people who do not necessarily believe in the Lord Jesus know that it is true.

“No wonder there are so many attempts to eliminate me. I won’t elaborate, but it is good enough to say that I am there was a plan to take my life before the end of last month. But, by the grace of God, I’m here,” Mogoeng said.

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Retried judges

Mogoeng claims a number of “political formations” have also reached out to him to join their parties and be involved in political activity.

“But it is the Almighty God that I am going to follow. I am not hungry for any positions, publicity, fame of anything of that sort. As I said before, I’ll be just too happy to enjoy my pension. But when God says you are the one I am going to send at a time appointed by me, I dare not disobey,” Mogoeng said.

While the retired judge may have intentions to be the next number one citizen of the country, his  presidential aspirations could be short-lived as the Judicial Code of Conduct bars retired judges from taking part in party politics.

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