Muyexe’s discontent: Zuma’s broken promises haunt ANC

Zuma's unkept vows sow doubt in Muyexe, with residents turning to alternative parties like the EFF.

The ANC under former president Jacob Zuma has been labelled a party of lies and empty promises by some in the community of Muyexe, outside Giyani in Limpopo.

This is after Zuma failed to deliver on pledges he made to them after he became president of the ANC and South Africa in 2009.

Muyexe was declared a pilot project under the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme in which Zuma promised his government would unleash maximum resources to bridge the gap between rural and urban settlements.

Zuma first declared his intention to improve the living conditions in the area in his 2009 State of the Nation Address.

The Thusong Service Centre, Muyexe Early Childhood Development Centre, Macena Gardens, Muyexe Water Purification Plant and Reservoir and the Muyexe Police Station were some of the developments the then president promised to deliver to the povertystricken village.

Disillusionment and doubt for the future

But during an interview with some key community members yesterday, most expressed disillusionment and doubt for the future. The community, which has since 1994 been led by the ANC, has now been permeated by members of the uMkhonto weSizwe (MK) party led by Zuma.

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“We are going to vote for the ANC. Those who are going to vote for the MK party know exactly what they took from him,” said head of youth, gender and people living with disabilities at the Greater Giyani local municipality, Nkensani Nkuna, who also lives in the village.

“We live the ANC and we breathe the ANC. The ANC is a good movement. The problem is some of the people it chooses to lead are liars and promise-breakers. Such as Zuma, who promised us buttered bread some 15 years ago but to no avail,” she said.

Nkuna said the village loves President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Since he took over, he has been fighting tooth and nail to complete the projects.

“Zuma left everything halfdone. All Zuma’s projects remained white elephants until Ramaphosa completed them,” she said.

‘Projects led and run by aged people’

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) secretary for ward 18 in the Greater Giyani municipality Nyiko Chauke said she and her friends will vote for the EFF.

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“The projects are there but they need maintenance.

“All community projects are led and run by aged people.

“The ANC, which is in control, does not want youth from other political parties to run them.

“If given the chance, the EFF will make sure all of them function like well-oiled machines.

“We had more than 10 boreholes, but now only four are working. The Marcena garden also looks pale. The garden is on death’s door because only elderly people run it.

“The police station, which took years to complete, is also not yet officially handed over to the community.

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“Give all these projects to youth and you will see a miracle,” she said.

Members of the MK party refused to comment.

Zuma left office before completing the projects

Community headman Sambora Maloleke noted Zuma left office before completing the projects.

“But this may be because he was removed from office before his term ended,” said Maluleke.

He said his concern now was the sports and conference centres and the ablution block, which had all been vandalised.

“Under Ramaphosa’s government, we have a paved road right from Giyani to the village. From the door of my house I walk on a pavement completed by Ramaphosa.

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“We have a bulk water supply project and two contractors are busy with reticulation.

“This supply is made possible by the mayor of the Mopani district municipality, Pule Shayi, who was sanctioned by the Ramaphosa government to deliver water to our doorsteps.

“The police station, which could not be completed in more than 10 years, will be handed over to the community soon.”

According to Maluleke, most people in his community will vote in the elections on 29 May.