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24 Jul 2021
1:59 pm

SA part of marches in over 120 cities against ‘overbearing lockdown restrictions’

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On Saturday, over 120 cities around the world will be embarking on marches for freedom, peace and human rights during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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This year, the World-Wide Demonstration is marching to reclaim fundamental rights, and to take a stand against excessive coronavirus restriction measures.

According to the World-Wide Demonstration, they plan to stand up and demand the end to the current restrictions and authoritarian control measures.

“Our fundamental freedoms have top priority, and we cannot allow it to become constrained, for the sake of the generations that follow us,” the organisation said in a statement.

“We cannot allow our Human Rights to be re-packaged as Human Privileges, to be conditioned upon compliance with Authoritarianism.”

The group will be focusing on freedom of speech, movement, choice, assembly, as well as freedom of health.

They added that, as the freedom movement develops around the world, a variety of new solutions are on the rise, which will enable people to demonstrate their power.

“An International Freedom Movement is emerging that is building alternatives to established power structures, and ways of living. People are choosing to leave densely populated areas, and forming new communities, where they can more effectively govern themselves.

“People around the world are saying ‘Enough Is Enough’ – and are refusing to comply with overbearing restrictions, and helping others to gain the confidence to begin their journey of non-compliance.”

According to the movement, the South African meeting points are:

Cape Town – Sea Point Boulevard

Joburg – Fourways Witkoppen Park

Durban – Blue Lagoon Green Hub