Cheryl Kahla
Deputy Online News Editor
1 minute read
6 Dec 2021
6:56 am

Diepkloof protest update: N1 reopened after residents lash out at Eskom

Cheryl Kahla

Protesters in Diepkloof, Soweto obstructed lanes with rocks and burning tyres on Monday, in response to Eskom's decision to disconnect Zone 3.

Photo taken on 1 December after protest action on the N1 in Diepkloof Zone 3. Photo: Twitter

The N1 between the Soweto highway and the Diepkloof interchange has since been reopened for traffic, after earlier protest action.

The JMPD warned, however, that motorists could expect delays as officers clear debris from the freeway. 

The protest action likely stems from power utility Eskom making the call to cut electricity supply to Diepkloof Zone 3 on 30 November.

This, they said, was due to “high energy losses as a result of illegal connections, meter bypassing and buying electricity from ghost vendors.”

The only way supply is to be restored to the area, Eskom continued, was it reconnection fees to the tune of R6,052 per household are paid. 

This leaves around 700 homes in the dark.

One resident, Brenda Dammie, tweeted the community wants to pay Eskom, but that the utility refuses to come to an agreement regarding costs. 

“There are people who are paying and buying but why do Eskom punish everyone (sic)”.

Another said residents were still waiting for formal letters on how much they needed to pay to have their electricity restored. 

Some claim Eskom saying that Diepkloof Zone 3 residents not wanting to pay for electricity is untrue.