‘Diabetes made me do it,’ claims Belinda Migor of racist rant calling for black men to be killed

The racist Migor says her diabetes made her call for black men to be killed and black women's uteruses to be 'cut out'.

A voice note by a racist woman, which was leaked from a WhatsApp group allegedly called “Pit bulls be my voice”, in which derogatory comments were made about black people in defence of the dogs has angered people.

The voice note made rounds on social media on Wednesday, where a woman identified as Belinda Migor, owner of Gauteng bookkeeping company JCS Office Support, suggested they ban black people instead of banning pit bulls.

This in the wake of a petition to ban the ownership of pit bulls that has garnered more than 126 000 signatures, following attacks where dogs of the aggressive breed mauled children to death.

The voice note

“I still agree with you wholeheartedly. What I say is ban the black men. They rape, they steal, they kill. Worse than any pit bull could and they get away with it,” said Migor in the voice note.

“Ban those that are making the laws, ban Ekurhuleni, ban the black men. Get all the black women and cut out their uteruses and ovaries so they cannot procreate. Because they will all turn the same. Because they are all the same.”

“I’m very passionate about this. Ban them. Kill them. Shoot them. Get rid of them because they are the problem, not pit bulls. Not animals. Animals are beautiful and they deserve a warm bed, food, love and attention and everything else. God created those animals. Who created the black men? Do you think God? I do not think so.”

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Migor initially denied being behind the voice note.

“Why would I do that? What do you want me to say? If we are living in a democracy then why am I not allowed freedom of speech? Hypothetically? Who can do anything about it? You have no proof, ” she told the TimesLIVE.

When asked what triggered the anger against black people, she defended herself and said she had a hard life and that she does not discriminate against black people.


She then apparently changed her tune and blamed her diabetes for her hateful rant.

“Well I am diabetic, you cannot think clearly, you cannot focus, it is like a cloud over your mind.”

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) told the publication that they are aware of the circulating voice note and have sent it to the provincial office for further investigations.

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