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SA comic ‘apologises’ for Dros rape joke

Kevin Meyer, who made a ‘joke’ in extremely bad taste on social media this week, has subsequently issued ‘an official statement’ to clarify his opinions on the topic.

Please note that some content uses graphic language.

Facebook user and relatively unknown stand-up comedian Kevin Meyer made light of the recent rape of a six-year-old girl by a 20-year-old man in the toilet at a Dros restaurant in a post earlier this week.

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The post was understandably received with much resistance, with many Facebook users across the country naming, shaming and commenting on the post.


Meyer tried to clarify the post before deleting it and putting up new ones, some of which were devoid of apology.

Since the post and inevitable backlash, Meyer has posted an apology of sorts, or what he calls an ‘official statement’. It is addressed to ‘actual victims’, “Social media Justice Warriors/ politically correct police/ Trolls and general losers with to much free time and to little brain power to see your own folly” [sic], and to “you sick puppies who support me and laughed”.

Meyer apologised to victims that may have had to revisit traumatic pasts as a result of the post. “I did take the post down after I could see it was causing hurt to people and I tried playing it down, a few times I got a bit carried away in my comments but I was under much pressure and naturally emotions flair, I really hope with this apology I have explained my thinking and intention but most importantly I unreservedly apologize for the effect my joke had”.

He also pledged to make organisations involved in preventing violence against women and children his primary beneficiaries when he does charity-related gigs.

However, the tone changed dramatically when he turned to addressing the ‘social justice warriors’, ‘trolls’, and a host of other names of people who Meyer says can “suck a bag of d***s”.

Meyer lashed out at alleged harassment as a result of his post, and emphasised with great fervour the difference between a joke and an opinion. “I want to open by saying I am only in control of what I say, you are in control of how you perceive it, I made the joke so I decide how I intended.” 

“[T]rying to harm some ones ability to provide for their family is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE AND EVIL, calling people and places I have worked with to harass them is what crazy dangerous people do and is criminal behavior [sic]”

He also addresses those who could appreciate “a very old controversy within comedy”, thanking them for the support. 

To conclude the almost-apology, Meyer lists every celebrated comedian he can think of that has at times made “a few rape jokes”. And, he graciously reminds us that “NO ONE IS EVER FORCED TO LAUGH” [sic], and that life is short, so we should spend it “chasing happiness”, and that this world is imperfect, but that “trying to force and beat it [the world] into that will only lead to total chaos.

And with this I have apologized where I have felt I wanted to, I have put my finger in the face of those who took things to far and I thanked those who recognized I didn’t intend to cause harm”[sic].

Make of it what you will, but Meyer’s ambiguous rant may be a sign of things to come, with him signing off “FYI- EXPECT MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM”[sic]. 

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