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This has to be the most savage response about Zuma to Sars

There is definitely a need for beverage companies to manufacture a drink called 'chill' for South Africans.

An email from what appears to be the SA Revenue Service (Sars) asking a man about his dependants has been circulating on social media, and it is hilarious. In the email, Sars asks the man: “Do you have anyone dependent on you?”

The man responded: “4.2 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million druggies, 28.6 million unemployed, 245 000 criminals in over 67 prisons plus 550 idiots in parliament, thousands of ‘retired politicians’ and the president’s five wives [he currently only has four wives though] and 24 children.”

Obviously, Sars was not impressed, so it apparently responded to the man and told him his response was “unacceptable”, perhaps hoping for him to give them a proper one. However, in his mind, the man was adamant that the response he gave was perfect, so instead of giving Sars the answer it was looking for, he asked if he left anyone out on his list of dependants.

We’re not sure if this is real, but it is still funny.

Check out the picture below shared by former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor on Facebook:

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