Traffic control plan for Zuma’s Durban High Court appearance

Plan your travel routes to avoid traffic congestion as a motorcade and march, related to former President Jacob Zuma’s high court appearance, is set to take place today and tomorrow.

The metro police unit will be out in full force to ensure the safety of all during former President Jacob Zuma’s high court appearance this week, Highway Mail reports.

Special traffic management plans have been put in place to ensure motorists are not inconvenienced.

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Metro police are alerting motorists of a motorcade that is planned to take place in the CBD between 5pm and 7pm today and a night vigil held by the Interfaith Leadership at Albert Park from 6pm to 8am on Friday morning, June 8.

Thousands of people are also expected to participate in a planned march on Friday, June 8, 2018. Security and traffic management plans are in place to deal with any eventuality.

The march route

The march will start at King Dinizulu Park at 7.30am and proceed east along Dr Pixley Ka Seme Street. The marchers will then turn right into Dr Yusuf Dadoo and go south towards the bay. They will turn left at Margaret Mqadi and finish off at the grassy area on the bay-side of Margaret Mncadi, outside the Durban High Court.

Road closures

Margaret Mncadi (Victoria Embankment) will be closed off to all traffic, from 8am after peak period, between Joseph Nduli (Russell Street) and Joe Slovo (Field Street), till 1pm. Both East and West Bound carriageways of Margaret Mncadi will be closed.

Traffic will be diverted away from the high court precinct.

Motorists must expect congestion and delays.

Metro police will be out in full force and be on point duty at all intersections to alleviate congestion.

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