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By Marizka Coetzer


Twosday: Why 22/02/2022 is rare and spiritual

Tuesday's date, 22-02-2022, is both a palindrome and ambigram.

We will have to wait 58 years to experience another Twosday – the 22nd of the second month of 2022 phenomenon.

Tuesday’s date, 22-02-2022 is both a palindrome and ambigram.

An ambigram is a visual that looks the same even when upside down and is considered a rare occurrence in calendars compared to a palindrome – a word or number that can be read both backwards as forwards, such as madam or racecar.

According to Wikipedia, the last palindrome-ambigram was on 12 February 2021, with the next one coming up on 8 February 2080.

Traditional healer Anthony Karoly Smida said the date 22-02-2022 was a highly spiritual day. 

“It’s all about good vibrations and positive energies,” he said.

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Smida said the numbers were all about the manifesting of dreams.

“Two, as a birth number, represents honest and trustworthy. The number two resonates with thе unique traits сlubbеd tоgеthеr,” he said.

Smida said the numbеr two indiсаtеd skills аnd trаitѕ in building partnerships, relationships аnd fоѕtеring cooperation.

“It also ѕuggеѕtѕ a person whо will рrоmоtе balance and hаrmоnу,” he said.

Numerologist, Sandy Smith, said the same thing happened every year with different numbers, such as 20/11/2011 or 11/02/2011.

Smith said anyone with a lot of threes, sixes, and 11s that added up to 22 in their birthdates will be affected by the repetitive numbers of the date.

“The events of today are relevant more so because the day and month adds to a six, and the global year also adds to a six, therefore the total of the day adds to a three,” she said.

Smith said the day was all about action, reaction, fires, explosions, cyber attacks, viruses, monetary losses, cryptocurrencies, affecting mechanical, electrical, technical, and chemical worlds and ultimately people.

“However, the 22 is about structures, boundaries, and heads of countries, companies collapsing,” she explained.

Smith referred to the market losses on 21 February in the US markets, which she predicted would continue to fall as the day progressed. 

She said the Fed rate increase in the US was expected and was due to the developments in Ukraine, and Russia’s invasion of the country.

“The global year affects life path three people and people who are dominated or ruled by threes, it’s about your values in life or if your life is based on materialism will affect your valuables,” she said.