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By Faizel Patel

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WATCH: Eskom se wat?! South Africans are gatvol of load shedding

From Eskom stealing your man, since he's the light of your life, to glow in the dark toilet paper... SA makes light of a dark situation.

South Africans are sick and tired and gatvol of Eskom and load shedding and are now taking the mickey out of the dark lords of Megawatt Park.

One person who spoke to The Citizen says they don’t know whether to laugh or to cry anymore about the current bout of load shedding in the country which has hit stage 6.

He said, “this is just bliksem kak!”

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Using the scene from Casino Royale when bad guy Le Chiffre has James Bond tied to a chair with a hole in the middle, torturing him in his undercarriage for the code to the millions won in the Poker game, 007 responds with a laugh diverting away the pain.

[laughing – after being stuck five times with a knotted rope inside a steel chamber] “Now the whole world’s gonna know that you died scratching my balls! said Bond.

That’s exactly what South African have been doing, laughing off or rather at Eskom, with memes spread across various social media platforms including TikTok.

The jokes at the bringers of darkness’s expense range from glow in the dark toilet rolls to satirical and hilarious posters.

One read: “Stage 10 load shedding: Eskom takes your man away because you said he’s the light of your life.”

Another meme says: Eskom is aware that the power is on. They are currently working on the problem.

One meme in Afrikaans read: “Ons bly mos in die Republiek van Sit-Afi-Krag.” (After all we living in the Republic of put the power off.)

Even Nando’s joined the party as usual that had South Africans cracking.

“Stage sies! Even we can’t deal”

Indeed, it is sies to Eskom, with many wishing they could use the term Eskom se p*** f more freely.  

However, Eskom rather use the term “ma se kind”, but they are going to have to do a lot better to keep the lights on to receive endearment and love from now very gatvol South Africans.

While many giggle over the memes, Eskom does have a serious problem keeping the lights on with calls now also being made for Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter to be fired for incompetence.

Share your favourite meme about Eskom on the lighter, errrm, oops darker side of load shedding with us, at hello@citizen.co.za.

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