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WATCH: How to deal with husband’s side-chick Kansiime Anne’s way

The comedian is not in the business of fighting with the 'assistant' her husband just found for her.

Ugandan comedian Kansiime Anne has taken the “sharing is caring” principle too far after inviting her husband’s side-chick to their house so they could discuss a “cheating timetable”.

In one of the clips she recently shared on her YouTube channel, the comedian calls her husband’s “beautiful” girlfriend so she can make a few suggestions, including when the couple may see each other, to avoid the two from hiding. The arrangement will also allow her to get some time alone, she says.

She calls her husband to come out to meet their visitor, leaving the husband looking rather guilty.

“I told you, a thief has forty days and your days ended yesterday. I know you’re wondering what your side-dish, cheating apparatus is doing in our compound. I called her, please feel free, we’re adults,” she says after disclosing the cheating couple’s meeting times and places.

Kansiime continues to assure her husband that she will not quarrel with his side-dish as she now “knows better”. She then tells the other woman she doesn’t blame her for not thinking the man was married as he doesn’t look the part at all.

“He looks like he’s not married, but that’s not my fault, it’s who he is,” she continues.

She does, however, confess she was “devastated” when she found out about their cheating, revealing she even thought of killing them.

“But then I sat down and I thought: ‘Hold on, what kind of a wife will I be if I kill my husband because he has found me an assistant? I looked on the bright side of life – do you see what I’m talking about? That means work has been reduced, since I know Tuesday [the couple’s meeting day] is already out, I’ll take Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hope the rest are okay for you,” she tells the woman.

She further suggests that they go to church together on Sundays, before telling the woman to inform her husband about the arrangement so they can be in it “together”.

Watch her hilarious video below:

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