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WATCH: The most hilarious episode of ‘Khumbul’ekhaya’

Mr Masombuka was not impressed after his son came knocking on his door, and told the young man his mother should have had an abortion.

An episode of ‘Khumbul’ekhaya’ has been leaving everyone on the Facebook streets speechless. The parody of the SABC 1 show was created by Pretoria comedians. The video details a story of a young man who goes looking for his long-lost father, Mr Masombuka, who clearly regrets ever meeting his son’s mother, Sophie Mhlongo.

Mr Masombuka initially pretends to have forgotten about his ex-girlfriend, but then later admits to knowing her. Things get awkward after the young man tells Masombuka that he is his father.

He does not deny he is the young man’s father, but he complains about the R1 000 he gave Sophie in 1984 to have an abortion, also revealing that he had impregnated another woman at the time.

“I gave them each R1 000 for abortion. Don’t tell me that your mother misused that money. I knew very well that your mother won’t do that abortion … I knew it,” he says.

Responding to the young man asking if he did not want him, he says: “You were supposed to be dead.”

“The reason I said your mother must do that abortion, I knew you were gonna be like this, that’s what I wanted to avoid. Sophie used that R1 000 that I worked so hard for … She used all that money? I want my money back.”

He further tells the young man that though he is not in the wrong, he will still kill him because he does not recognise him as his son.

“Let me go get a weapon so that I can do that abortion myself,” he says as he walks away.

The video has more than 180 000 views, and has been shared more than 6 000 times on Facebook.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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