WATCH: Woman’s top ripped off during scuffle at clothing store

WARNING explicit content. A fight breaks out as two women grab an apparent 'employee'.

A scuffle between a group of women turned ugly and one of them managed to escape with her top ripped off.

The video which has surfaced on social media shows a group of women viciously attacking another woman. The reason for the fight is still unknown.

A caption under the video suggests the fight broke out after a married woman targeted a younger-looking woman at the store.

The woman whose shirt was ripped off in the scuffle can be heard defending herself saying she did not want to get into the argument as she was at her place of work.

The fight breaks out as two of the women grab the ’employee’. Another woman recording the video can be heard shouting “women often get too personal disrespecting other women”.

The women grab the employee by the shirt as she tries to get away. As she attempts to make a run for it, her shirt is ripped off her back.

The bare-chested employee finally gets out of the clutches of the other women and runs.

The footage shared on Friday appears to be gaining momentum on social media.

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