Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
16 Jul 2021
2:39 pm

Weather: No appliances raining down this weekend

Hein Kaiser

It is not a great weekend for looting in the interior of the country as Saturday will be cold for the central and north-eastern parts of South Africa.

Members of the SANDF and Saps can be seen carrying a stolen fridge found in Mamelodi after they searched residents homes for items possibly looted from Mams Mall during the riots and unrest on 14 July 2021, Pretoria. Picture: Jacques Nelles

This week it rained groceries, big screen televisions, washing machines and various other appliances across large parts of Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal.

And while the storm did not do much for growth and stability, it showed up some vicious high-pressure systems in our national psyche.

No actual rain is forecast for the country’s weather this weekend, and here is hoping that we will all go through a dry spell too insofar as looting, thieving and thuggery is concerned.

It is a great weekend to don a mask and enjoy some grape juice with a steak.

Now that restaurants are open again, let us mobilise positively and support a set of entrepreneurs that employ thousands of South Africans, and that have been through hell and back, more than once, trying to earn a living, serve us good food and work very, very hard.

On Saturday there will be a bit of cloud along the southwestern coast, and partly cloudy in the northeastern interior. As for the rest of the weather, it is blue skies.

Eskom loves hiking tariffs almost as much as it likes loadshedding.

And this weekend it is going to be expensive to stay warm as temperatures will drop below zero in the interior.

That is, if we are not surprised with Stage-something when its at its coldest, just to spoil the party. But electric blankets can cost you up to R 1000 extra on your lights bill, so warm your bed prudently.

It may be best to rely on snuggling with your partner, a teddy bear or a hot water bottle, you can pick up one of those for less than a clipper (R100).

Either way you will be warm, either by heating up some water or getting your partner hot under the collar. Failing all else, a fluffy soft toy will have to do.

It is not a great weekend for looting in the interior of the country as Saturday will be cold for the central and north-eastern parts of South Africa.

The Western Cape will be as cool as a woke and bearded Capetonian’s ponytail. Mild temperatures are expected along the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal coast, but thankfully the SANDF remains deployed in the Last Outpost while the Eastern Cape has Masterton’s Coffee in newly christened Gqeberha.

Sunshine warms things up on Sunday across the country as warm air flows in over the north-western part of the country.

The Northern Cape will be the warmest of the lot with the coast and adjacent interior mild with early twenties the likely level for the mercury.

The interior of the country will remain quite cool, but no lying on the lawn imagining dragons in the clouds. There will not be any.

At least we can talk about the weather.

Because after a week of rioting and a year and something of Covid, anything is more pleasant than the psychological flatline of the mess South Africa finds itself in presently.

It is not exactly a hot mess, on the account of it being winter.

It is more like the kind of frost that kills off half of a beautiful summer garden.

The settled weather brings only a gentle breeze to the interior this weekend, but with a windy Sunday afternoon in the west.

Weather courtesy of the People’s Weather Channel, DSTV channel 180 and Open View channel 115