SA weather service issues warning for heavy rainfall along KZN coast

Saws said the heavy rain could lead to widespread flooding.

The South African Weather Service (Saws) has raised an alarm for heavy and disruptive rainfall along the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) coast from Sunday afternoon until late on Monday morning.

The warning focuses on the southern coast, with Saws saying that the heavy rain could lead to widespread flooding.

Widespread showers

The KZN region is gearing up for showers and thundershowers throughout the area.

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Saws said the rainfall is anticipated to exceed 50 millimetres, raising concerns of severe flooding, threatening roads, bridges, settlements, and even lives.

Flooding poses a significant risk to the region, encompassing formal and informal settlements, as well as vital infrastructure such as roads and bridges. Saws urged the public to be cautious, as fast-flowing streams and deep waters may pose a danger to individuals.

The disruption of traffic flow is also a concern as major roads are expected to be inundated. The authorities advise residents to limit their travel during this period.

Essential services

The adverse weather conditions also present the risk of significant disruption to essential services, including water supply, electricity, and communication networks. Preparedness is key, and residents are encouraged to make the necessary arrangements to cope with potential service disruptions.

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Moreover, mud-based houses are at a heightened risk due to the saturated ground. Residents residing in such structures are advised to take precautionary measures to safeguard their homes.

The South African Weather Service urges both residents and authorities in the KZN region to take the warning seriously and be fully prepared for the impending weather event. It is recommended to stay updated with local authorities’ weather advisories, take necessary precautions, and remain vigilant for any further developments.

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