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Weather alert: Brace for snow, floods, mudslides and another cold front

Severe weather conditions in the Eastern and Western Cape provinces are likely to result in more flooding, mudslides, cold front and snow.

The South African Weather Service (Saws) warns of widespread showers, floods and another cold front across the south-western regions of the Western Cape. Snow fall is likely, too.

In addition, scattered to isolated showers are reported in the Western and Eastern Cape, including the southern parts of the Northern Cape.

Harsh weather conditions

Parts of the Western Cape have been battered by a severe weather system, resulting in flooding, mudslides, power outages, and wind damage, according to reports from Vox Weather.

Another cold front incoming

The first cold front – responsible for most of the flooding in the Cape provinces – is moving towards the central parts of the country.

Watch: Vox Weather report

Meanwhile, a second cold front is sweeping in from the west, bringing with it gusty winds of up to 70 kilometres per hours.

In addition, widespread showers and thunderstorms will lead to even more flooding since the region is oversaturated.

Weather alerts and warnings

The Saws issued impact-based alerts for 15 June, which included a yellow level 2 warning for disruptive rain over the southern west coast, southeastern Cape Winelands, and western Overberg districts of the Western Cape.

The adverse weather was anticipated to lead to localised flooding of roads and settlements in these regions.

An orange level 6 warning was issued, cautioning against disruptive rain that could cause major traffic disruptions in the City of Cape Town.

This alert was also extended to most parts of the Cape Winelands of the Western Cape.

Snow forecasted

In addition, a yellow level 2 warning was issued for disruptive snow over the Southern Drakensberg, specifically in the Senqu and Elundini local municipality districts.

This weather condition could lead to the isolated loss of vulnerable livestock and crops, as well as traffic disruption.

WATCH: Destruction and flooding as storm lashes Western Cape

Upcoming weather forecast

Although there is no rain expected for 16 June, the weather service predicts widespread showers for Saturday, 17 June, over the south-western parts of the Western Cape.

Scattered to isolated showers are also forecasted over the Western Cape and the western half of the Eastern Cape.

Help where you can

The Salvation Army is calling on all South Africans to donate food, clothes and blankets this winter.

Speaking to The Citizen, spokesperson Thataetsile Semeno said those who live on the streets “rely on our handouts and on us helping them by giving blankets and clothes, and hot meals to eat”.

“We have started a winter blanket campaign where we ask the community to think of those less fortunate and help them to at least have a warm winter.”

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