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This is what raising a 1-year-old looks like for this mom

When raising a toddler, quiet is not a good thing.

My daughter turned one a few months ago and boy oh boy has it been fun to watch her grow. I think what has made the experience even better is being able to watch and see her as she reaches new milestones because well thanks to the lockdown I’m home 24/7. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not happy that we are currently under lockdown but I am making the best of the situation by celebrating her every day.

So what does having a one-year-old daughter mean for me?

Firstly it means you now have a little toddler boss that bosses you around like crazy. I mean she will make me stop whatever I’m doing to make me watch her, kiss her and hug her. I even have to drop everything to play with her and I do as told because when the boss is mad things can get hectic in the office.

It also means if you have a stubborn one like mine, it’s goodbye to feeding her what you want her to eat when you want her to eat it. She now decides what she’s eating and what she’s not eating, making my job a bit tougher because now we have to be more creative with the kind of meals we give her.

And if you thought maybe that’s all, its not.

Now she can walk and grab things, so you have to be more careful of what is reachable to her.

The other day I found her with a broken globe in her mouth and had to take her to the doctor just to ensure she hadn’t swallowed any. That’s how hectic it becomes and you can never be “too careful” around these ones because it’s like they are trained to be mischievous.

Then there are your quiet bathroom moments, do you know those?

Now, my phone is no longer mine because whenever I get a call she thinks it’s for her and she wants to do video calls and play games on it. It just doesn’t belong to me anymore because like I said, she is little miss toddler boss.

I usually laugh at myself and just think how did we get here so fast. She was just a newborn in my arms and could barely even sit. Now, I have an independent toddler who even mimics what I do and say. Time sure does pass by quick but nothing makes me happier than being able to see her dance to her favourite song on tv or the radio.

I enjoy watching her sleep because it’s the only time she’s quiet and peaceful. I’m happy to be bossed around.

Are all toddlers like that though? Or does mine have a little more sugar in her system than she should?

Muhle Magwentshu

I am a 24-year-old mother to one beautiful princess. I am a Mom Blogger who shares my life as a young mother through my blog, Mommy With The Fro,  and have been doing so from when I was pregnant. In as much as each mothers journey is different, I believe we can all learn something from each other and on my blog, I share what I’ve learnt hoping it will help another mommy on her journey. You can connect with me on Instagram.

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