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By Karabo Motsiri Mokoena

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Top pregnancy trends of 2019

2019 brought with it a few interesting trends that seemed to be taking the world by storm.

Wedding-like baby showers

It is no secret that baby showers have transitioned throughout the years. I still remember when an expecting mom was poured with baby powder and looked an absolute mess at their baby shower. Now, the décor is over the top, and the mom looks almost like a bride. You should check out the baby showers on 1 Magic’s Oh Baby hosted by Olwethu Leshabane.

Gender reveals

Gender reveals have become a really big trend in 2019. Some people have basic gender-reveal parties, but some get very creative and have big or blue powders coming out of airplane exhaust pipes (I have not seen this, but I am pretty sure we are heading here soon).

Milk baths

Pregnancy photoshoots with milk baths started being a trend in 2017. You would think they would be phasing out in 2019. They are not. They are, instead, growing in popularity.

Nursery designs

My timeline has been full of pictures with the cutest-looking nurseries for little ones that are on the way. Some looks are very minimalistic, and some look modern and cozy.


A lot of parents are heading this route, either for the baby shower, the baby’s nursery, or the items bought for the baby. Gender-neutral parenting is a growing trend internationally.

Daddy diaper parties

It is no longer weird for guys to get together, throw some steak on the braai, drink beer and bring packs of diapers for the dad. This is called a daddy diaper party – the male version of a baby shower. This plays an important role in getting dad as excited for the new baby as the baby shower does or the mom.

Sharing fewer bump and baby pictures

The number of pictures shared online of the baby bump has decreased in 2019. This also goes for those of the actual baby. Parents are deciding to control their child’s social media presence. They want the kid to be able to decide what goes online and what does not.

Creative maternity photoshoots

People are not just simply going to the park and snapping away. The creativity is on the rise and bodies are either covered in glitter for shoots or soaking underwater to capture the perfect shot.

Push presents

A push present is a gift given to an expecting or a new mom for pushing through the trials and tribulation of carrying and bringing forth life into the world. They are either given jewellery, spa vouchers (yes please) or photo frames and other sentimental items.

Women are taking charge of their birthing journey

There is an amazing rise of women who know how they want their birthing experiences to go, and are not shy to communicate that to their doctors. More and more women are getting doulas (qualified birthing partners) and the parents are always at the centre of it all.

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