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WATCH: ‘Racist man of God’ Harry Knoesen calls for war while ‘enemy’ sleeps

Knoesen says his movement has no plan to wait and see what the 'enemy' does first, because he doesn't believe in defending.

Self-confessed racist and president of the Crusaders National Christian Resistance Movement Harry Knoesen is again in the news for a video in which he incites war, saying it’s the only way white people can save themselves.

In the clip that is circulating on social media, Knoesen says he met with the leaders of other movements and discussed security measures to be taken against the “genocide”, though that discussion only made him realise the other movements’ plan of action was lacking.

According to Knoesen, these other movements were waiting to see what would happen, a plan he disagreed with because his movement was all about attacking the “enemy” while they were sleeping.

He said: “It’s important for us to stay together as a white nation. I know there are many movements. I met with some of the leaders around the table and we sat and we spoke, and halfway into speaking I told them we’re not on the same page. The reason being they want to defend and see what happens.

“Reality is, you cannot wait to see what the enemy does to you. You cannot wait for the enemy to wake up. It’s too late already. The Crusaders haven’t got a waiting plan, we’ve got an attack plan. The only way to win the situation and turn the tables is by attacking. Yes, I’m talking war. If [Julius] Malema can say what he wants and the rest can say what they want because they’re black, then me as a white man and general of my movement … I will say what’s in my heart.”

Knoesen admitted to being racist, and added that it was the darkness in the country that had made him so. He was also a man of God, who loved Him with all his heart.

Watch the video below:


According to the Middelburg Observer, Knoesen was elected in 2012 as the acting president of the previously secret organisation and has been a member for more than 20 years. The organisation has called for white people to fight against BEE, affirmative and other ill-treatment towards white people.

He said he had a “godly” instruction to take back what the devil stole from white people through politics.

“In return I promise you a safe, secure country where criminals fear to walk our streets. Your colour will count in your favour for jobs. I will reinstate the death penalty and punish those already judged and sentenced. Prison will be a feared place. I promise to secure the future of our race.”

Read the rest of his post below:


Mpumalanga Black First Land First leader Elias Makwana has already laid charges of incitement to violence, high treason and crimen injuria against Knoesen.

They said in an affidavit : “Knoesen has committed the crime of High Treason in that he acted unlawfully and intentionally via his call to extrajudicial means – through the taking up of arms – so as to return the country to white ownership and governance.

“Knoesen, via his call, also praises apartheid, which is based on colonialism. All sane people know that colonialism is the process of land dispossession and genocide against black people. It is based on the historical theft of black lands as well as the destruction of the African belief systems, values and identity and, to this end the imposition of super exploitation, oppression and discrimination on blacks – including on a psychological level – that started in 1652.

“Knoesen thus dismisses the historical and collective pain of blacks. This amounts to the offence of crimen injuria.”

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