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WATCH: YouTuber announces decision to ‘rehome’ baby she adopted from China back in 2017

Myka Stauffer and her husband say that their adoptive child had many health issues they were not made aware of.

Myka Stauffer, a popular vlogger with 70,000 YouTube subscribers recently shared a video in which she and husband James shared the news that they are ‘rehoming’ Huxley Wen Quan, the four and half-year-old child they adopted from China back in 2017.

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In the emotional video, the couple announces they came to this decision after finding out she had “a lot more special needs that we weren’t aware of, and that we were not told”. The couple has since made headlines for this announcement and received both criticism and support for their decision.

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An article on People.com details how Twitter users expressed their shock and anger with one saying: “So disgusting. If her biological kid gets diagnosed with autism, will she abandon that kid too?”

One Twitter said: “This is sickening. @MykaStauffer you should be ashamed and disgusted with yourself.”

Other social media users offered support stating that they have been part of similar experiences with one sharing how she had adopted their child from a family who were rehoming their adoptive child.

“This is heartbreaking for me, I can’t stop crying. I knew something was not right when I didn’t see Huxley. I am an adoptive mother of a dissolution adoption, my son is from China. 

“My baby was eight years old and had special needs. His adoptive family couldn’t give him the care he needed and made the most heartbreaking decision in their life. This is hard for both families and especially a child they loved so dear to their hearts! 

“The family tried so hard to love my baby, but he just couldn’t attach to his new family and he [does] have siblings that we keep in contact with once a month. He is happy!

“Please keep both families in your prayers and Huxley that he gets the love and care he needs.”


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