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Blood from 70 slaughtered sheep pours down residential road

uThukela has issued fines and halted the slaughter of further animals

The blood flowing from blocked sewerage pipes into the stormwater drainage system in Reservoir Road has been identified. UThukela have issued a homeowner in the area with three fines after he slaughtered 70 sheep. They also halted the further slaughter of animals at the home situated in a residential area of Ladysmith close to the Country Club.

It is understood this was done as part of the religious celebration of  Eid alAdha  by the homeowner.

Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice, honours the sacrifice that Ibrahim was prepared to make of his son for God, as recounted in the Quran, by slaughtering livestock and distributing their meat to the poor.

Blood was spotted by local residents pouring out of a blocked sewer manhole. Images and videos were shared on social media.

UThukela issued the following statement…

Media Statement

Date: 17 June 2024

Clarification on “Blood” Flowing from Sewer Lines in Golf Road

UThukela District Municipality wishes to address and clarify the recent concerns regarding the sighting of blood flowing out of sewer lines in Golf Road. Upon investigation by uThukela Municipal Health Services, it was discovered that this was due to illegal slaughter activities conducted by a local resident in celebration of Eid. The individual in question had failed to apply for permission to slaughter in a residential area and had slaughtered a total of 70 sheep.

Swift action has been taken to halt this illegal activity. We have issued three fines in accordance with the Water Services Bylaws for discharging waste or foreign matter into the municipal sewer line. Additionally, the Certificate of Acceptability (COA) issued for processing biltong at the premises has been revoked. To ensure compliance and prevent further illegal activities, our team will be monitoring the premises every two hours. We thank the community for their vigilance and assure you that we are committed to maintaining public health and safety.

For further inquiries, please contact the Manager Municipal Health Services on +27 76 480 2131

Issued by uThukela District Municipality

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