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NWU student earns PhD with new interpretation model

Petra Jerling received a PhD for developing an original model of Music and Imagery.

Petra Jerling, involved at the North-West University School of Music and Conservatory, received a PhD in Visual and Performing Arts with music on 2 May 2024. Petra made “Lived experiences of Music and Imagery sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative pluralistic inquiry”, the focus of her thesis. In doing so, Petra was able to develop an original model of interpretation in Music and Imagery. The model was developed through an integrative literature review, autoethnography, trioethnography, interpretative phenomenological analysis, and case study research. The findings of Petra’s research on the Music and Imagery (MI) model indicated that this model can be used as a therapeutic method to assist in improving the well-being of individuals and groups in difficult circumstances. This can be done as the MI model fullfils the three basic psychologial needs of autonomy, competence and relatedness. The model focuses on the strengths, empowerment, acceptance and transformative spiritual experiences of the client. Prof Liesl Van Der Merwe and Prof John Habron-James supported Petra’s efforts. NWU School of Music is excited for Petra and celebrates her huge achievement.

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